Program in English

Program of the Week of Action «WTO Out! Building Sovereignty!»

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Thursday, December 7th

12.00 – 20.00

Plaza de Mayo

March of Resistance of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo – Línea Fundadora


Humahuaca 3508

Movie screening “The Enclosure: democracy, the prey of neoliberalism” in the Cultural House Humahuaca

Organised by: France Insoumise (Untamed France) in Buenos Aires

Friday, December 8th


Moreno 2654

(closed activity)

Global Meeting of Platforms and International Networks against Free Trade and investment regime

19.00 – 21.00

Humahuaca 3508

Cafe-Debate «Recovering politics?»

The WTO, the World Bank (WB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with their mysterious acronyms, their secret operations and unlimited power either terrorize or leave us indifferent: faced with these transnational forces, can we resist resignation?

Organised by: France Insoumise (Untamed France) in Buenos Aires

Saturday, December 9th

9.30 – 18.00

(closed activity)

Meeting of Platforms and Networks of the Americas against Free Trade and investment regime

10.00 – 18.00

Carlos María Ramirez 1469, Pompeya

Workshop “Against the pedagogy of cruelty, the pedagogy of emancipation – Popular education to resist and organise ourselves against patriarchal, colonial capitalism”

Organised by: Pañuelos en Rebeldía (Handkerchiefs in Rebellion)


El Galpon de Chacarita,

Av. Lacroze 4171

Tasty Talks – Do you know what you eat and who is eating the world?

A meeting thought as introduction to the Peoples’ Summit. We exchange tastes and knowledge about agriculture and nutrition.

Organised by: Francia Insumisa en Buenos Aires, Cooperativa de Pueblo a Pueblo y la Chacarita del Galpón

From 18:00
Piedras 730
Sede Dialogo 2000/

Solidarity Workshop “Haiti Today: an Assessment of the Foreign Occupation and Next Steps”

Haitian economist and socio-political activist Camille Chalmers will offer a critical assessment of the current situation in Haiti, including the impacts and consequences of the so-called UN “stabilization” mission – MINUSTAH – which occupied Haiti between 2004 and October 2017 with troops from 12 Latin American countries, current perspectives of social movements and popular political forces, and the implications of the new UN mission «for Justice in Haiti», the MINUJUSTH. We will discuss strategies of solidarity support in Argentina, the region and the world. Organised by: Argentine Committee of Solidarity for the end of the occupation of Haiti, Jubilee South/Americas, ALBA Movements.

Sunday, December 10th

10.00 a 17.00,

FJA, Rincón 74

Debate on free trade and the situation of working women and men

Organised by: The Foundation of Social and Political Investigations (FISyP) , IEF-CTAA, ESNA y Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

From 16.00

Until the candles burn

Plaza de los Dos Congresos

Music Festival “WTO, out! Building Sovereignty”, in Plaza de los Dos Congresos (in front of the National Congress)

Summit of the Peoples

«WTO out! – Building Sovereignty»

December 11th-13th, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Peoples’ Summit is part of the Global Week of Action against the World Trade Organization (WTO) which takes part from the 7th to the 13th of December in Buenos Aires, Argentina.1 It has been organized by a great number of organizations from different countries, backgrounds and struggles that got together to confront the destructive neoliberal agenda of the WTO by discussing and building collective forms of action to overcome the chains that hold us back.

Location: Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Santiago del Estero 1029.

Monday, December 11th

9.30 – 13.00

classroom SJ100

Forum of Working Women and Men

A debate about the situation of workers in the face of capital’s brutal aggression. More specifically, the debate will examine the so-called labour reforms aimed at creating deep structural changes and leading to the destruction of workers’ rights obtained after more than a century of struggles, and other pressing issues.

9.30 – 18.00

classroom SJ101

Forum “Sanitary Sovereignty: the Impact of Neoliberalism on the Right to Health”

The Forum will work on the impact of neoliberalism on public health schemes and on access to health and medicines worldwide.

9.30 – 18.00

classroom HU107

Feminist Forum Against Free Trade

The Forum and Feminist Assembly aims to open instances of training, debate and exchange of experiences that allow us to characterize the macroeconomic context of commodification and financialisation of nature, common goods, life and accumulation by spoliation in which we live in front of free trade.

9.30 – 18.00

classroom SG300

Forum «Rights and Sovereignty vs. Free Trade, Debt and Corporate Power»

The Forum will be a space for organisations and people committed to or interested in various struggles against Free Trade, Debt and Corporate Power to meet and share. Discussion will focus on the main concerns in relation to these problems and their interrelation, the sharing of testimonies and information about struggles and campaigns in progress, the building of alternatives and action strategies.

9.30 – 18.00

classroom HU402

Forum «Common Goods, Climate Justice and Energy Sovereignty”

This forum will aim to analyse different models of extractivism associated with the capitalist development model, focusing on the current situation faced by the region and the world, especially considering the plundering of common goods and the planetary crisis of the Anthropocene period that has led humanity to an unprecedented climate crisis and confronts us with an inevitable civilizational change.

9.30 – 18.00

classroom HU308

Seminar «Multilateralism, Regionalism and Bilateralism: Integration and Alternative Response of the Peoples”

Organised by: SEPLA, FISYP, REDEM and the Working Groups of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences “ GT- CLACSO Latin American Integration and Unity”, “GT-CLACSO Crisis and World Economy” and “GT-CLACSO Studies on the United States”

14.00 – 19.00

classroom SG201

Forum for Educational Sovereignty

The purpose of the forum is to analyse and debate both the onslaught of the mercantile and privatising logics in the educational field as well as the alternatives generated by various social actors.

14.00 – 17.00,

classroom HU08

As part of the Forum of Working Women and Men

Roundtable: «Labor Reforms and Free Trade: Dialogues between Europe and Latin America”

A debate with a global and regional perspective on the new forms taken by the world of work, the adequacy and setbacks of the rights promoted through Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) as well as the labour reforms in Latin American countries.

Organised by: The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

14.00 – 20.00

classroom HU207

Seminar “Free Trade and Mega-Enterprises” – Implications of the Agribusiness on Human Rights and Food Sovereignty

The seminar will discuss the following topics: advances and impacts of the agribusiness, mega-mergers, Bayer Monsanto, new technologies such as biotechnology and digitalization as well as strategies to guarantee human rights and food sovereignty

Organised by: BASE-IS, Misereor, Acción por la Biodiversidad (Action for Biodiversity)

14.30 – 18.00

classroom SJ100

Forum “Against Capitalism: Internationalism and Solidarity in Our America”

Proposals from and challenges faced by social movements towards the ALBA against the advance of capital over our bodies and territories.

17.00 – 20.00

Hotel Héctor Quagliario, Moreno 2654

As part of the Forum of Working Women and Men

Panel – Debate «Labour Rights and Trade Liberalisation»

Organised by: Confederacion de Latino America y del Caribe de Trabajadores Estatales (Confederation of State Workers of Latin America and the Caribbean, CLATE)

18.00 – 21.00

classroom HU400

Workshop «The Weapons that Kill Palestinians and Repress Argentinians – Zionism and the WTO»

The workshop reports on the occupation and colonisation of Palestine and its consequences. It also seeks to make visible and reflect on the purchase of weapons by different regional governments and about the repressive apparatuses of the state.

Organised by: Comité Argentino de Solidaridad con el Pueblo Palestino (The Argentinian Committee for Solidarity to the Palestinian People)

18.00 – 21.00


Great Feminist Assembly

19.00 – 21.00

Classroom Auditorium

Panel-Debate «Critical Thinking: a Critique of Free Trade and the Offensive of Capital”

Interventions of social leaders, union leaders and university professors on the reality of liberalization and the offensive of capital

Tuesday, December 12th

9.30 – 13.00

classroom HU207

Forum «Common Goods, Climate Justice and Energy Sovereignty”

(continuation of December 11th)

9.30 – 13.00

classroom SG300

Forum of the Working Women and Men (continuation of December 11th)

9.30 – 17.30

classroom HU402

Forum on Food Sovereignty

The Forum on Food Sovereignty will be an important moment of convergence between local, national and international movements that are building the necessary transformation of our production, distribution and agro-food consumption systems.

9.30 – 17.30

classroom HU107

Forum on Migration

We migrants question the neoliberal policies promoted by organisms like the WTO at a global level in recent years. We repudiate these policies which have generated increasing precariousness and underdevelopment in our countries, prioritising the interests of large transnational companies, ignoring our economic, political, social and cultural contribution in the countries of origin and destination. That’s why we say ¡WTO, out !!!

9.30 – 17.30

classroom SG303

Forum of Native/Indigenous Peoples

This is a space for reflection and discussion on the most urgent and crucial aspects that our peoples and our Mother Earth are going through. There will be a national and international indigenous presence and it will constitute a true plurinational meeting.

9.30 – 17.30

classroom HU308

Seminar «Multilateralism, Regionalism and Bilateralism: Integration and Alternative Response of the Peoples” (continuation of December 11th)

9.30 – 17.30

classroom HU07

Forum on Imperialism and Militarism

The aim of the forum is to analyse and unravel the contemporary imperialist phenomenon, specifically in its military action, which has produced and continues to produce so much devastation, destruction, genocide and pain throughout the world.

10.00 – 12.30

classroom SG214

Human Rights in Oblivion: Renegotiations of trade agreements between the EU and Latin American countries
The European Union is renegotiating the trade agreement signed with Mexico in 2000, although the agreement has deteriorated the economic and social situation in Mexico. This neoliberal policy also applies to other trade agreements currently negotiated, such as the agreement with MERCOSUR.
Organised by: Pan Para el Mundo (Bread for the World), Misereor, Centro de Investigación y Documentación Chile Latinoamérica (Chile Latin American Research and Documentation Centre, FDCL), Red Mexicana de Acción Frente al Libre Comercio (Mexican Network of Action Against Free Trade, RMALC), REBRIP

14:00 – 17:30

Classroom HU400

Workshop “Youth Against Free Trade”

The youth of the continent organise and stand against free trade. We are the future and we will defend it. What is left for us young people, in a world of increasing precariousness, unemployment, looting and hunger? What role do we play in struggles? How does an agenda of trade liberalisation agenda impact our present and our future?
Organised by: La Emergente, Cienfuegos, Socialist Democracy


Workshop “Financial Empowerment of Peoples and New Monetary and Communication Conventions, PAR Currency”

This workshop will present new forms of accounting for the system of national accounts, taxes and state budgets, crowdfunding for popular media, new global conventions in relation to finance and communication, as well as experiences with the PAR Currency, based on bitcoin
Organised by: Pedro Pedro Arrupe from the Wealth Observatory

From 18.00

Demonstration, starting point Plaza de los Congresos

Wednesday, December 13th

9.30 – 13.00

classroom HU402

Forum on Food Sovereignty (continuation of December 12th)


classroom HU207

Forum «Common Goods, Climate Justice and Energy Sovereignty”

(continuation of December 11th and 12th of December)

9.30 – 13.00

classroom SJ101

As part of the Forum of Working Women and Men
Panel – Debate «The social and popular economy: an alternative to the capitalist economy?

The central axes of the debate will be the workers’ economy, the popular economy, self-management and spaces of democratic production.

9.30 – 13.00

classroom SJ100

Forum of Native/Indigenous Peoples (continuation of December 12th)

9.30 – 13.00


Meeting to discuss strategies against the G20

What is the G20; how does it work; what agenda is being proposed for 2018 and the multitude of meetings that will take place in Argentina in anticipation of the Summit of the twenty Heads of State; what points may be of special interest for our struggles; and most importantly, what are we planning to do about it?

9.30 – 13.00


Seminar “Multilateralism, Regionalism and Bilateralism: Integration and Alternative Response of the Peoples” (continuation of December 11th and 12th)

9.30 – 13.00


Workshop «Free determination of the Peoples and Democracy: intersecting views between Latin America and Europe – exploring laboratories of repression and the construction of alternatives «

Intersecting views between Latin America and Europe, this workshop intends to open a space for reflection on the serious setbacks taking place in terms of guarantee of human rights as well as individual and collective freedoms, when a repressive response is deployed by the State, before this law.

Organised by: LAB Union, Transnational Institute, ATTAC ARGENTINA

11.00 – 14.00

classroom HU400

Workshop «The Weapons that Kill Palestinians and Repress Argentinians – Zionism and the WTO»

For a description of the workshop, see the program for December 11th

Organised by: Argentinian Committee of Solidarity to the Palestinian People

14.00 – 17.00

Classroom HU402

Assembly of Confluence

An assembly gathering all the forums and workshops presenting the conclusion of each activity and approval of the final declaration

18.00 – 19.30

Conversódromo or HU402

Closing Act “WTO, out! Solidarity with the Peoples Fighting”

From 19.30


Final Party «WTO, out! We will keep standing”

A Fair «WTO, out! Alternatives Exist» will take place throughout the alternative Summit of the Peoples and will allow producers of the Social and Solidarity Economy, agro-ecological producers, local trade networks, etc. to sell their products. In addition, the Independent and Alternative Book Fair – FLIA INFINITA will also be held from December 10 to 13 within the framework of the Week of Action against the WTO.

We represent the Confluencia Fuera OMC (Confluence WTO, out!):

Abogadxs en Red por la Soberanía Alimentaria de los Pueblos, abrapalabra, ADDHHES (Auto-convocados por los Derechos Humanos de los enfermos de VIH – SIDA), ALBA Movimientos – Capítulo Argentina, Amigos de la Tierra Argentina, AMUMRA, Asamblea “Argentina Mejor sin TLC”, Asamblea Ambiental de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Asamblea No a la Mina Buenos Aires, Agrupacion de Graduados de la Facultad de Cs Naturales y Museo “Construcción», Agrupacion Envar El Kadri -Peronismo de Base, Agrupacion de Docentes de la Facultad de Cs Naturales y Museo “Carlos Aiub”, ATTAC-Argentina, ATTAC Alemania, ATTAC Austria, ATTAC Francia, ATTAC España, Asociación Civil Lola Mora, Asociación Mundial de Radios Comunitarios (Amarc), Asociación de Trabajadores del Estado (ATE) Rosario, BASE-IS – Paraguay, BarricadaTV, Campaña Global Desmantelemos el Poder Corporativo, CANPO – Corriente Agraria Nacional y Popular, Cátedra Libre de Soberanía Alimentaria de la Escuela de Nutrición (UBA), Cátedra Libre de Soberanía Alimentaria UNLP, Cátedra Libre del Pensamiento Nuestroamericano Hugo Chavez FTS – UNLP, Cátedra Libre Virginia Bolten: Construyendo feminismos populares en Nuestra América (UNLP), CTD “Anibal Verón”, Centro de Participación Popular Monseñor Enrique Angelelli, Centro de Estudiantes de la Facultad de Cs Naturales y Mueso, Central de los Trabajadores de la Argentina (CTA-Autónoma), Centro Latinoamericano de Estudios Políticos, Sociales y Ambientales (CLEPSA), Centro de Estudios del Trabajo (Cedetrabajo), Cienfuegos OP, Conciencia Solidaria ONG, Confederación Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Trabajadores Estatales (CLATE), Comité Argentino de Solidaridad con el Pueblo Palestino, Comité por la Abolición de la Deuda del Mundo (CADTM), Convergencia México mejor sin TLC, Coordinadora Latinoamericana del Campo- CLOC -LVC, Corriente Popular Juana Azurduy, Corriente Política de Izquierda (CPI), Corriente Nuestroamericana de Trabajadores 19 de Diciembre, Corriente Nuestra Patria, Democracia Socialista, Diálogo 2000-Jubileo Sur Argentina, Ecuador Decide No TLC, Emancipación Sur CABA, Encuentro Antiimperialista, Encuentro Memoria Verdad y Justicia, Espacio de Lucha Territorial Río Bravo, FASE Brasil, Federación de Cooperativas Autogestionadas de Buenos Aires (FEDECABA), Federación de Trabajadores de la Energía de la República Argentina (FeTERA – CTA A), Federación Judicial Argentina (FJA), Federación de Entidades Argentino Palestinas, FIDELA (Fundación de Investigación y Estudio Legales Argentinos), Focus on the Global South, Frente Popular Dario Santillán, Frente Popular Dario Santillan – Corriente Nacional, FRENTE NACIONAL CAMPESINO, Frente Universitario de Luján (FUL) y Espacio de Lucha Territorial Rio Bravo, en SUBversión, Frente de lucha por la Soberanía Alimentaria Argentina, Fundación Grupo Efecto Positivo, Fundación Más Derechos por Más Dignidad, Fundación de Investigaciones Sociales y Políticas (FISYP), Fundación Rosa Luxemburgo, Global Forest Coalition, Global Justice Now, Grupo Francia Insumisa de Buenos Aires, Grupo de Estudios de América Latina y el Caribe (GEAL), Juventud Revolucionaria CHE, International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS) Capitulo Argentina, MAREA ROJA en la ILPS, CUBa-MTR en la ILPS, Jornadas Antiimperialistas Revolucionarias, Jóvenes con Palestina, Jubileo Sur Américas, Latindadd, LGBT en Resistencia, Marabunta, Movimiento Estudiantil Liberación, Movimiento Nacional Campesino Indígena, CLOC-La Vía Campesina, Movimiento Emancipador, Movimiento de Ocupantes e Inquilinos (MOI), Movimiento Político y Social Marcha Patriótica – Capítulo Argentina, Movimiento Popular La Dignidad, Movimiento Popular Patria Grande, Movimiento por la Unidad Latinoamericana y el Cambio Social (MULCS), Movimiento Social y Político Congreso de los Pueblos – Capítulo Argentina, Movimiento nacional de empresas recuperadas (MNER-IMPA), Movimiento Territorial de Liberación (MTL), MPR-Quebracho, Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores (MST) en Izquierda al Frente, Mujeres por un Desarrollo Alternativo para una Nueva Era (DAWN), Multisectorial Antiextractivista, Mujeres en Desarrollo, Museo del Hambre, Ñamoseke Monsanto, Observatorio del Derecho a la Ciudad, Observatorio Petrolero Sur (OPSUR), Observatorio de la riqueza por un Nuevo Sistema Financiero y Comunicacional mundial Padre Pedre Arrupe, OLP – Simón Bolívar, Pañuelos en Rebeldía – Equipo de Educación Popular, Partido Comunista de la Argentina – Federación Juvenil Comunista, Plataforma Chile mejor sin TLC, Radio Sur FM 88.3, REBRIP, Red Ecosocialista-MST, Red de Género y Comercio, Red Nacional de Líderes Migrantes, Red de Migrantes y Refugiadxs en Argentina, Red de Comercio Justo del Litoral (RCJL), Red de médicos de pueblos fumigados-Red Universitaria de Ambiente y Salud, Red de investigadorxs y organizaciones sociales de América Latina – RIOSAL, RedGE – Perú, RQIC – Quebec, Resumen Latinoamericano, SEATINI, S2B, Seamos Libres, Secretaria de la Mujer y la Diversidad de la CTEP, Sociedad de Economía Crítica (SEC), Espacio de Economía Feminista en las SEC, Seminario Interdisciplinario sobre el Hambre y el Derecho Humano a la Alimentación Adecuada de la Facultad de Derecho de la UBA, Ser.Cu.Po, Transnational Institute (TNI), Unión de Trabajadores de la Tierra (UTT), War on Want, Wirajhcocha (Grupo de Acción y Reflexión Rural), Yanapacuna, Argentina