how to use google keyword planner

how to use google keyword planner

The Google keyword planner helps you determine the right keywords for your search engine marketing campaigns. It provides you with keyword analysis, strategy, and insight, making it easier to decide which keywords are worth investing in and which are not. This article will discuss how to use Google keyword planner in Canada.

SpyFu’s keyword planner:

You’ve probably heard of SpyFu, a search engine optimization tool that provides access to the most relevant keywords and competitor information. While it can be a good starting point for researching keyword ideas, you must learn how to use the tool correctly to ensure that you’re generating the most traffic for your website. SpyFu’s dashboard is easy to navigate, with multiple tabs spanning the top of the page. They include a domain overview, SEO research, PPC research, keyword research, backlinks, link builder, and keyword rankings.

Google’s keyword planner:

Google’s keyword planner is a free tool that helps you find new advertising keywords. It also helps you determine how much your campaigns will cost. There are a variety of filters that you can use to refine your search. This tool can find keywords that will generate the most traffic and have the highest conversion rate.

To get started, go to Google’s keyword planner and type in the term you try to rank for. After entering the term, you’ll see a list of related keywords and their average monthly searches. Keep in mind that the Avg. monthly search could be a more accurate indicator of search volume.

Filtering keywords by difficulty:

Filtering keywords by difficulty is useful in Google keyword planner, particularly for keyword research. This feature can be applied to the entire keyword list and can be used to group keywords into topic clusters. It can also be useful for assigning keywords to target landing pages.

Adding keywords to your keyword plan:

When using Google’s keyword planner in Canada, you will want to add keywords to your plan. This will help you to see how your campaign will do. You can add keywords to an existing ad group or create a new one. Once you have added keywords, you can edit them to refine them.

Google’s keyword planner is designed to find similar products and services, so it’s important to use the tool strategically. To get started, click the “Start with keywords” option. This will give you access to Google’s database of keywords in different industries.

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